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Pictures of St. Louis Pickleball Players 

Great Pickleball Videos

Pickleball Channel

Check out the latest Pickleball Channel video full of great tips, destinations, and just about everything relating to pickleball.  Subscribe to the YouTube Channel to see all the past videos.

NBC Nightly News

Great pickleball video from Brian Willams and Mark Potter from NBC News aired 3/18/14

Why You Should Play Pickleball

A fun video from the North Georgia Pickleball Club on why pickleball is great for all ages and abilities offering fun, friends and competition.  

Pickleball 411: 3 Tips for Doubles Play

National champions Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner share their doubles tips

Pickleball is a Great Workout!

Joe Valenti and friends put together this great video of high-level indoor pickleball action.  Notice all the different shots they play during a single point and their court movement for some heart pumping exercise  

A Game For All Ages Including Youth!

See this great video featuring younger pickleball players and the growth of the game of pickleball. 

Videos of St. Louis Pickleball Players 

Twin City Firecracker Pickleball Tourn.

June 25, 2107 - Men's 5.0/4.5 Doubles

STL Jason Weirzchucki & Mike Chapin in mens doubles 4.5 match against AZ Dave Zapatka & Springfield, MO Keenan Gore

Pickleball Palooza - Mexico, MO

Feb. 25, 2017 - Mixed Doubles

STL Maria Pablo Mendez & Mike Chapin take on STL Mahdi Besovic and Doug Lorella in a gold medal match.

Show-Me Games - Columbia, MO

June 14, 2015 - Men's 4.5 Doubles

STL Mike Chapin in mens singles 4.5 match against Ford Roberson (TX) for silver medal match

Video of St. Louis Pickleball 50th Anniversary Round Robin Event and Advanced Skills Clinic - June 26 & 28, 2015.

Click on links for great pickleball sites and discounts on products - Become a USAPA member today, great information and resources for everything pickleball

Pro-Lite Sports - Top pickleball paddles and products.

Made in the USA

Pickleball Central - Gain 5% discount by using check-out code CRSTLPBC.  Additional 5% then donated to St. Louis Pickleball Club from Paddle Review Program:
HEAD Xtreme Tour Graphite Paddle - 8/15/17 


I enjoyed playing with the new Head Xtreme Tour Graphite Pickleball Paddle.  I was excited to try this new paddle out as Head is one of the industry leaders in racket sports and apparel.  Also, Sarah Ansboury has now moved to playing with this paddle from watching her at the Recent US Open for Pickleball.  Upon opening the paddle a few things stuck out for me.  The shape of the paddle is different than most anything in the market today.  From more tradition square or rectangular shape, it looks like the corners where shaved down to angles.  I understand this to be a weight saving strategy in the paddle and offers some real low angle shots during dinking and short-hopping a ball.  Also the grip was very comfortable and tacky in my hand.  Most grips are not as tacky as this one, maybe because it was brand new just out of the package.  I thought the color scheme was cool with the large Head Logo on the face and Head name on the thin edge guard.  After playing with the paddle for an hour or so, I really liked the power the paddle had when I was driving balls or returning volleys.  The Durafast 40 and Franklin X40 balls seemed to really penetrate the wind with power and spin capabilities.  Both top spin and slice spin shots.  Initially I had some challenges with balls that were shorter in front of me where I had to reach out…  not having the corner edges, really makes you have to focus on hitting the ball in the middle of the paddle, so that might be good for some people, but maybe not for everyone that needs a bigger surface area for their paddle.   Finally I really like the control I could gain from dinking and the soft game.  Both slice and top spin dinks could be easily hit and controlled in direction and depth.   Overall I would recommend this paddle for a tournament ready 3.5+ - 5.0 player. 

Mark Smith - 4.0 STL Player

For more information on this paddle please go to:

To order or see the full-line of Head Pickleball Products go to:

Be sure to use the Discount Code of "CRSTLPBC" for 5% off when you order a Head paddle or any item on

St. Louis Pickleball Social Media

St. Louis Pickleball Prezi Presentation - Proposal to Develop Permanent Outdoor Pickleball Multi-Court Facility in Tilles Park, South St. Louis City - Hampton Ave. given to Tilles Park Neighborhood Association Board April 28, 2015.  Click HERE:


Almost 15 months later including several follow-up meetings with key constituents plus 55 volunteer manual hours of repairing the dilapidated surface to host weekly organized play on temporary courts, full construction on 6 permanent courts plus 1 tennis court started July 25, 2016! 


Pictures of Tilles Park Pickleball Court Construction Project - (most recent first, followed by 2015 pictures of temporary court fixes and group play)  

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