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The gateway to the midwest and the heartland of America is catching the pickleball craze and developing new places to play and attracting more and more people to the sport.  There are over 50 recreation and community centers offering various drop-in pickleball play for players of all abilities.  Many outdoor tennis facilities are converting their courts to pickleball and starting weekly play.  Check out the schedule of Places to Play in and around St. Louis


The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) is the governing body of

pickleball played in all 50 states.  They estimate that there are over 3 million pickleball players in the United States, with numbers increasing every day  Membership in the USAPA is not required to play, but for an inexpensive annual fee you are part of a growing association that provides development of the sport, grants for equipment purchases for schools and organizations, information on tournaments and the latest news in the world of pickleball. St. Louis has volunteer USAPA Ambassadors dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the game.  The Ambassadors put on free clinics and offer great advice and training for anyone wanting to get into the game or bring the game to their facility. Contact a USAPA Ambassador in St. Louis for more information. was launched in 2015 to promote and develop the game of pickleball in the St. Louis area.  Goals are to continue to

broaden the game and develop permanent pickleball courts.  Another

goal is to develop a non-profit St. Louis Pickleball Club to grow

membership plus host programs, events and tournaments in St. Louis.


What some happy St Louis Pickleball players say:  

"Staying out of the kitchen is easy for me in both pickleball and at home."


- Nancy S.

"As someone who loves to play ping-pong, I found Pickleball to be very easy and fun.  It is almost like standing on the ping-pong table and playing a similar game."


- Jim T.

"I love all the elements of the game including dink shots, volleys, lobs, spins, etc.  Most of all it is great exercise and I have met so many fun people who love to play the game"


- Steve M.

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