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Happy Thanksgiving St. Louis Picklers

Happy Thanksgiving to all the pickleball players in and around the St. Louis area. This holiday we are especially appreciative of all the people and wonderful things that the game of pickleball offers to us... 1) 2015 celebrates with 50 years of pickleball. St. Louis had a terrific pickleball celebration with a unique play event with over 100 players participating and socializing. A great tribute and event with so many of us gathering to show how much pickleball has really grown in the St. Louis area. 2) We are now estimated at over 500 players in the St. Louis area! This is a significant increase with more and more venues and places to play being added throughout the year. Outdoor Tenn

Join the StlPickleball Group on Wiggio.com for great St. Louis Pickleball info and updates

Gloria Reilly, Kathy Westerbeck, Connie Reker, Ann & Michael Chapin are all endorsing this the new StlPickleball Group on Wiggio.com. We are hopful to have all interested pickleball players in the St. Louis area aware of news, events, information, etc. all relating to St. Louis area Pickleball. Because of our rapid growth and major enthusiam for playing pickleball in St. Louis, we now need to upgrade our communications system. Some other areas use this Wiggio site very successfully for their pickleball communications. Others use established pages on Facebook and Twitter. The folks mentioned above are committed to making this Wiggio system work because it is proven by other clubs and eve

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