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St. Louis Pickleball on the Radio

On March 22nd I was interviewed on a popular St. Louis sports talk radio station called 590 The Fan for their Midday Grind Show hosted by Fox 2 Sports TV Anchors Martin Kilcoyne and Charlie Marlow. For the past few months each of them have made a few references to sport of pickleball on their radio broadcasts where I then "tweeted" at them about how alive and well pickleball is in the St. Louis area. On March 21st., their show's producer Chris Gardner emailed me and asked if I'd be willing to go on air to be interviewed and talk pickleball. Here is the audio file and link to their website if you would like to hear it. (Click on link or copy link into a browser, Then hit the "play" arrow button on the media file)

As always, we are looking for great ways to grow the game locally. We feel that having media support and influence through various media streams and social media is vital to promoting the game and attracting more and more players. If you have connections to media or know of other opportunities to promote pickleball, we are happy to help and or advertise them.

Thanks again for time in reading this blog and for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you on the court soon!

PS, feel free to follow me on Twitter @ChainsawChapin

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